Fast Five Quiz: Treatment-Resistant HIV

Michael Stuart Bronze, MD; Enrico Brunetti, MD


August 14, 2023

Data from the HIV-CAUSAL Collaboration suggest that immediate and delayed ART initiation result in similar rates of acquired drug resistance. In HIV-positive individuals receiving routine clinical care in Europe, the estimated 7-year risk for clinically identified acquired drug resistance was approximately 3% under all ART initiation strategies.

When ART initiation is deferred, consideration of repeat drug resistance testing shortly before treatment initiation is recommended by guidelines in Canada and the United States to ensure that the patient has not acquired drug-resistant virus (ie HIV superinfection). Guidelines from the British HIV Association mention that deferring therapy until the results of baseline tests (including resistance testing) are available can allow for a more tailored choice of ART regimen for individuals at low short-term risk for disease progression.

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