Fast Five Quiz: Treatment-Resistant HIV

Michael Stuart Bronze, MD


May 10, 2021

Rapid ART initiation on the day of diagnosis has been shown to increase the proportion of patients with virologic suppression at 10 months compared with initiation of therapy 2-4 weeks after diagnosis (64% vs 51%). However, rapid ART initiation with NNRTIs is not recommended owing to concerns about potential transmitted drug resistance. In addition, the NRTI abacavir should not be initiated until results of testing for the HLA-B*5701 allele are available.

According to HHS guidelines, genotypic testing is preferred over phenotypic testing to guide therapy in ARV-naive patients, as well as in patients in whom first- or second-line regimens produce a suboptimal virologic response or virologic failure.

For additional information, refer to the HHS Guidelines for the Use of Antiretroviral Agents in Adults and Adolescents Living with HIV.

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