Fast Five Quiz: Myelodysplastic Syndrome Pathology

Emmanuel C. Besa, MD


May 12, 2021

In patients with MDS with isolated del(5q), the neutrophil count is usually normal, and the platelet count may be normal or even increased. Morphologic dysplasia is most evident as an increase in the number of small, hypolobated megakaryocytes. These patients typically have persistent anemia that has no other identifiable cause.

A bone marrow biopsy showing architectural disorganization is typical of MDS-EB.

There is evidence that lenalidomide can change the natural history of patients with MDS with isolated del(5q).

In patients with MDS with isolated del(5q), there are less than 5% blasts in the bone marrow and less than 1% blasts in the peripheral blood. Auer rods are not present.

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