Fast Five Quiz: Precision Medicine in Cancer

Winston W. Tan, MD; Evelyn S. Marienberg, MD


January 06, 2023

BRAF and MEK inhibitors are approved to target BRAF V600E in metastatic melanoma. Although these melanomas have responded remarkably positively to BRAF inhibitors, the response in patients with colorectal cancers to these drugs as monotherapies has not been nearly as successful.

Both PARP inhibitor plus alkylator for ATM mutations, and BRAF and MEK inhibitors for BRAF L597 mutations, have shown promise in targeting any tumor, but the clinical utility of these precision tests has not been validated and is still considered thoroughly experimental. The same is true for EGFR L858R and EGFR TKI in patients with non-NSCLC tumors. In these cases, the variant alternation has not yet been proven to be predictive of response to a paired agent.

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