Fast Five Quiz: Precision Medicine in Cancer

Winston W. Tan, MD; Evelyn S. Marienberg, MD


January 06, 2023

Genomic heterogeneity has been demonstrated between primary and metastatic lesions, between different metastatic lesions and even between different regions of the same lesion. Therefore, a liquid biopsy may offer a holistic profile of the tumor. Liquid biopsy can in many cases sidestep the morbidity of traditional biopsies, predict treatment response and resistance, and allow for more frequent monitoring.

RAS mutations in colorectal cancer are an early event in tumorigenesis, and actionable information regarding the use of anti-EGFR antibodies in the metastatic setting can be found in the primary tumor.

ESR1 mutations — which provide resistance to aromatase inhibitors in breast cancer — appear to occur most frequently during exposure to aromatase inhibitors but can also be present in approximately 5% of primary tumors.

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