Fast Five Quiz: Hiccups

Richard H. Sinert, DO


July 26, 2021

The term "hiccup" derives from the sound of the event. The alternative spelling, "hiccough," erroneously implies an association with respiratory reflexes. The medical term is "singultus," derived from a Latin word meaning "to catch one's breath while sobbing." Brief episodes of hiccups, which often induce annoyance in sufferers and merriment in observers, are a common part of life. Prolonged attacks are a more serious phenomenon and often pose a diagnostic dilemma. These attacks have been associated with significant morbidity and even death.

Are you familiar with common causes of hiccups? Can you recognize links between hiccups and serious pathologies, and answer questions on best practices? Take this short quiz on an annoying condition that can negatively affect quality of life.


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