Fast Five Quiz: Nail Psoriasis

William James, MD


October 24, 2021

Figure 2. Nail psoriasis.

Both specific and less specific nail alterations can be seen in nail psoriasis. Nail discoloration is one way to distinguish nail psoriasis from onychomycosis. Patients with nail psoriasis may have yellow discoloration or no discoloration at all, whereas yellow to brown nail discoloration may be seen in those with onychomycosis.

Spores and hyphae are very common in onychomycosis; rarely, spores may be seen in nail psoriasis. Ridging of the nails is nonspecific and may be seen simply as a sign of aging. On the other hand, nail pits are very common in nail psoriasis and rare in onychomycosis. In nail psoriasis, nail pits are regular in size and shape.

Learn more about the presentation of nail psoriasis.


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