Fast Five Quiz: Cold Agglutinin Disease

Salman Aljubran, MD


November 18, 2021

Chemotherapeutic agents should only be used when appropriate, such as for an associated cancer. The use of chemotherapeutic or immunosuppressive agents in the routine management of idiopathic CAD is not recommended.

Plasmapheresis can effectively but temporarily remove IgM antibody from plasma and reduce its concentration. It is a useful procedure for emergencies and for preparing patients for hypothermic surgical procedures, but it is not first-line therapy. B-cell­–directed therapies can be used as first-line therapy for patients with severe disease without major comorbidities.

Splenectomy is not usually an effective treatment for CAD because the liver is the main site of sequestration. In patients with splenomegaly, splenectomy can be an effective treatment.

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