Fast Five Quiz: Bipolar Disorder With Agitation

W. Clay Jackson, MD, DipTh


November 16, 2021

Although all the above symptoms may characterize the manic phase of depression, only elation is one of the gateway symptoms (or cardinal symptoms). Along with elation, other gateway symptoms are irritability and expansiveness.

In addition, to meet DSM-5 diagnostic criteria, at least three of the following symptoms must be present in a manic episode:

  • Grandiosity

  • Diminished need for sleep

  • Excessive talking or pressured speech

  • Racing thoughts or flight of ideas

  • Clear evidence of distractibility

  • Increased level of goal-focused activity at home, at work, or sexually

  • Excessive participation in pleasurable activities, often with painful consequences, eg, a spending spree

The mood disturbance must be sufficient to cause impairment at work or danger to the patient or others. The mood is not the result of substance abuse or a medical condition.

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