Fast Five Quiz: Urine Discoloration

Bradley Schwartz, DO


October 22, 2021

White urine, also called albinuria, is most commonly due to sediment. The presence of mineral crystals (eg, from calcium or phosphate precipitation) can lead to a white or snowy-appearing urine. Other causes of white urine include infection, with funguria often resulting in white sediment from the fungus itself or resultant pyuria. Similarly, substantial bacterial infection can result in pyuria that appears white, as can mycobacterial infection, such as that with tuberculosis involving the urinary tract. Lymphatic drainage into the urinary tract, or chyluria, is another source of white urine discoloration. Mucus in the urine can also cause it to appear white in color. Regardless of the cause, the appearance of white urine generally warrants a thorough diagnostic workup.

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