Fast Five Quiz: Overview of Acute Pain Management

Shaheen E. Lakhan, MD, PhD, MS, MEd


January 14, 2022

When patients present in an acute care setting for the management of acute pain related to sickle cell disease and opioid therapy is indicated, tailored opioid dosing is recommended, based on consideration of baseline opioid therapy and prior effective therapy. A short course (5-7 days) of NSAIDs in addition to opioids is also suggested for acute pain management. Corticosteroids should be avoided in this setting.

SNRIs may be used for patients with sickle cell disease who have chronic (as opposed to episodic) pain from avascular necrosis of bone, within the context of a comprehensive disease and pain management plan. Chronic monthly transfusion therapy is not recommended as a first-line strategy for patients who have recurrent acute pain related to sickle cell disease.

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