Fast Five Quiz: Toxic Plants

Richard H. Sinert, DO


November 23, 2021

Laboratory studies have little use in the treatment of any patient with acute plant poisoning; however, they may be helpful in attempts to exclude other causes of a patient's presentational signs and symptoms. Obtaining a serum acetaminophen concentration is recommended for any suicidal ingestion. In absence of significant signs or symptoms, a urine drug screen is rarely clinically useful.

Evaluate any alteration in mental status with a rapid glucose determination, assessment of oxygenation status, and investigation of other potential causes such as trauma or infection. Other studies, such as electrolyte determination, ECG, renal and hepatic function tests, and urinalysis, may be useful in certain situations but rarely alter the treatment of exposure to a known toxic plant.

Learn more about the workup of poisoning by plant resin.


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