Fast Five Quiz: Holiday Heart Syndrome

Yasmine S. Ali, MD


December 01, 2021

When holiday heart syndrome is considered, alcohol-induced AF is generally what is implied. With that in mind, palpitations are the most common symptom when a patient presents. These can be intermittent or persistent, depending on the presence or absence of a sustained arrhythmia and the ventricular response to AF. Other symptoms commonly associated with holiday heart syndrome include precordial pressure or pain, syncope, and dyspnea.

Patients often have a history of previous alcohol exposure. This usually occurs as binges on weekends, during vacations, and, of course, on holidays. A history of alcoholism should alert physicians to concomitant illnesses such as alcohol-related cardiomyopathy and chronic liver disease. These coexisting illnesses have important prognostic implications and affect patient management.

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