Fast Five Quiz: HER2+ Metastatic Breast Cancer Management

Winston Tan, MD


January 10, 2022

As modern systemic chemotherapy and HER2-targeted treatments have become more effective, some patients with intact primary tumors and metastasis have experienced longer-term stable distant disease. However, the belief that surgical resection in the setting of metastatic disease is never an option has been dispelled in favor of critical evaluation of whether surgical control of the primary tumor site can lead to improved overall survival as part of multimodal treatment. Several single-institution cohort and retrospective studies have concluded that surgical resection of the intact primary tumor may provide a survival advantage.

Hormone receptor positivity, low burden of disease, metastasis to soft and bone tissues, and surgical management with resection of the primary tumor were associated with long-term survival in patients with metastatic breast cancer who received anti-HER2 treatment.

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