Fast Five Quiz: Overview of Pediatric Respiratory Syncytial Virus

Asif Noor, MD


March 03, 2022

Laboratory studies generally are not indicated in an infant with bronchiolitis who is comfortable on room air, well hydrated, and feeding adequately.

Nonspecific laboratory studies may include a complete blood cell count, assessment of serum electrolyte concentrations, urinalysis, and measurement of oxygen saturation. The complete blood count may reveal a normal or mildly elevated white blood cell count and an elevated percentage of band forms.

Specific tests for RSV may be indicated for therapeutic decision-making (eg, withdrawal of unnecessary antibiotics), isolation of patients, and educating parents and staff about the nature of RSV disease. Respiratory viral panels using multiplex polymerase chain reaction assays are routinely used to confirm the diagnosis of RSV.

Learn more about the diagnosis of RSV.

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