Rapid Review Quiz: Diet and Nutrition Recent Studies

Romesh Khardori, MD, PhD


February 10, 2022

A prospective study of 365,682 UK Biobank participants analyzed the effect of coffee and tea consumption on stroke and dementia risk. The researchers found that people who drank two to three cups each of coffee and tea per day reduced stroke incidence by 30% and dementia risk by 28% compared with those who did not.

The team monitored participants for a median follow-up of 11.4 years. According to the researchers, 2.8% experienced stroke and 1.4% developed dementia. After adjustment for confounding factors, the researchers concluded that stroke risk was 10% lower (P < .001) in those who drank a half-cup to a cup of coffee per day and 8% lower (P = .009) in those who had more than two cups a day. Those who drank more than two cups of tea a day reduced their stroke risk by 16% (P < .001).

Drinking two to three cups of both tea and coffee during the day produced the most benefit and reduced stroke risk by 32% (P < .001) and dementia risk by 28% (P = .002). The benefits of drinking both beverages were significantly greater than those from drinking just tea or coffee alone, with an 8% lower risk for dementia (P = .001), an 11% lower risk for stroke (P < .001), and an 18% lower risk for vascular dementia (P = .001) for coffee and tea drinkers.

Participants who experienced a stroke during the follow-up period and consumed two to three cups of coffee reduced poststroke dementia risk by 20% (P = .044). Those who drank two to three cups of tea and half a cup to one cup of coffee reduced their risk for poststroke dementia by 50% (P =.006). Researchers found no significant association between coffee and tea consumption and risk for Alzheimer's disease and hemorrhagic stroke.

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