Rapid Review Quiz: Diet and Nutrition Recent Studies

Romesh Khardori, MD, PhD


February 10, 2022

Consuming olive oil and reduced total mortality were associated together in an observational study of more than 90,000 US healthcare professionals. Compared with those who consumed the least olive oil (rarely or never), those with the highest olive oil intake (> 0.5 tablespoon, or 7 g, per day) had 19% lower CVD mortality, an 18% lower risk of dying of respiratory disease, and a 17% lower risk of dying of cancer during follow-up.

The researchers estimate that replacing 10 g per day of dairy fat, such as butter; other animal-based fat, such as mayonnaise; or solid fat, such as margarine, with the same amount of olive oil is associated with reducing the risk for death from various causes by 8% to 34%. They also suggest that their results support increasing the intake of unsaturated vegetable oils such as olive oil in place of other fats — a practice that current dietary recommendations already suggest improves overall health.

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