Fast Five Quiz: Risk for Diabetic Nephropathy Progression

A. Brent Alper, Jr, MD, MPH


March 22, 2022

Diabetic kidney disease traditionally has been referred to as diabetic nephropathy. The terms are used interchangeably, but the increased use of "diabetic kidney disease" has been prompted by a new classification system for chronic kidney disease (CKD) that is irrespective of cause. There is an increasing awareness of the widening spectrum of CKD presentations in people with diabetes that goes beyond the traditional proteinuria-centered model.

Persons with diabetic nephropathy are at significant risk for progression to end-stage renal disease and cardiovascular morbidity and mortality, emphasizing the importance of early identification, prevention, and treatment. The challenge of identifying which patients will progress from diabetes to diabetic nephropathy is intensified by the lack of an accepted standard for diagnosis and progression.

What do you know about the risk for progression of diabetic nephropathy? Take this short quiz to find out.


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