Fast Five Quiz: Management of Inherited Retinal Diseases

Donny W. Suh, MD, MBA; Raj K. Maturi, MD


March 31, 2023

Combining assessments of both visual function and morphology provides the most accurate appraisal of disease progression in patients with IRD. The ETDRS study chart is the gold standard for testing visual acuity in the clinical setting, whereas retinal morphology is best assessed by OCT and autofluorescence.

Where available, measurement of retinal sensitivity using microperimetry or multifocal electroretinography is recommended for patients with macular-specific IRDs.

Electrophysiologic testing is useful when the diagnosis of IRD is suspected but has yet to be clinically confirmed. Full-field electroretinography is a valuable tool for the diagnosis of IRDs, but it is less useful for monitoring disease progression.

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