Rapid Review Quiz: Pneumococcal Infections

Michael Stuart Bronze, MD


March 11, 2022

In a study published in JAMA, children with CAP who had been treated in a hospital ward or emergency department in the past 48 hours were randomized into one of four groups that received oral amoxicillin: lower dose or higher dose, for a shorter duration (3 days) or a longer duration (7 days). The goal was to determine whether lower-dose amoxicillin is noninferior to higher-dose treatment and whether 3 days of treatment is noninferior to 7 days.

The primary outcome was the need to re-treat the respiratory infection with antibiotics within 28 days. This outcome occurred in 12.6% of patients who received lower doses vs 12.4% of those who received higher doses and in 12.5% with 3-day treatments vs 12.5% with 7-day treatments. No significant dose and duration interaction was observed, and both groups demonstrated noninferiority (P = .63).

Using the need for retreatment with antibiotics as an endpoint, 3-day duration outpatient oral amoxicillin treatment was noninferior to 7 days, and lower-dose outpatient oral amoxicillin treatment was noninferior to higher doses for these patients.

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