Rapid Review Quiz: Cancer Overdiagnosis

Elwyn C. Cabebe, MD


April 08, 2022

When accounting for ancestry group and family history, PHS290 was independently strongly predictive of fatal prostate cancer and associated with metastasis. On average, the PHS290 risk score was higher among men with African ancestry. The researchers concluded that using PHS290 to predict genetic risk of lethal prostate cancer might inform individualized prostate cancer screening decisions and help prevent overdiagnosis.

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This Rapid Recent Study Quiz was excerpted and adapted from the Medscape articles: Overdiagnosis, Misleading 5-Year Lung Cancer Survival in Taiwan, Study Suggests; Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC); Biennial Mammograms After 75 Cost-Effective, but Benefit Is Limited; Breast Cancer Screening, Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Staging; We Should Be Doing Fewer PSA Tests, but We Are Doing More; Burden of Thyroid Cancer: Substantial and Increasing; and Thyroid Cancer.

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