Skill Checkup: A 32-Year-Old Man With an Acute Flare of Psoriasis

David T. Robles, MD, PhD, FAAD


May 11, 2022

According to the AAD-NPF joint guidelines, monitoring should be conducted as follows in patients taking biologics:

  • Periodic history and physical examination, including screening for nonmelanoma skin cancer

  • Specific assessment for infections

  • Exacerbation/development of inflammatory bowel disease

  • Tuberculosis testing in persons at high risk owing to travel or contact with an infected individual

  • An annual chest radiograph may be considered at the discretion of the treating dermatologist

  • Periodic assessment of suicidal ideation is recommended for patients treated with brodalumab and might necessitate more frequent follow-up visits

Follow-up visits can be scheduled from quarterly to twice yearly on the basis of time of treatment, response, and tolerability of the medication.

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