Rapid Review Quiz: Mental Health Comorbidities

Stephen Soreff, MD


April 22, 2022

Recent recommendations cover first-line unipolar depression treatment in patients with epilepsy who do not have other psychiatric disorders. SSRIs are the first choice for moderate to severe depression. The guidance supports psychological intervention without pharmacologic therapy for patients with mild depression — although SSRIs should be considered first-choice therapy for those who had a positive response to medication in the past, who wish to use medication, or in whom nonpharmacologic treatments have previously failed. For patients who do not respond to first-line therapy, the SNRI venlafaxine is the next choice.

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This Rapid Review Quiz was excerpted and adapted from the Medscape articles: New Data Highlight Need for Tailored Schizophrenia Care in Older Adults, Schizophrenia, Common Eye Disorder in Children Tied to Mental Illness, Allergy and Immunology, No Connection Between Allergic Diseases and Mental Disorders, ILAE Offers First Guide to Treating Depression in Epilepsy, and Epilepsy.

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