Rapid Review Quiz: Mindfulness

Stephen Soreff, MD


June 06, 2022

Haussmann and colleagues recently analyzed previously published randomized controlled trials on intervention characteristics and CRF. They found that psychosocial interventions, yoga, and mindfulness-based interventions (MBIs) all demonstrated an overall significant reduction in CRF. MBIs had shown the greatest effect with an SMD of -0.73 (95% CI, -0.98 to -0.49; P < .001; n = 15 studies). Results from psychosocial interventions and yoga interventions were also significant, with an SMD of -0.43 (95% CI, -0.60 to -0.25; P < .001; n = 31) for psychosocial interventions and an SMD of -0.35 (95% CI, -0.52 to -0.19; P < .001; n = 24) for yoga interventions.

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