Fast Five Quiz: Treatment in Relapsed Multiple Sclerosis

Kerstin Hellwig, MD; Christopher Luzzio, MD


November 22, 2022

In the early stage of the pandemic, there was a concern that patients on certain DMTs who developed COVID-19 would face a high risk for MS relapse, but data have shown that with consistent administration of DMTs, the risk for MS relapse with COVID is minimal. Globally, a number of registries have attempted to determine what effect COVID has on MS and vice versa, including the COViMS Registry in North America, a UK registry, a Swedish registry, and an Austrian registry. Although some studies suggest that patients with MS who develop COVID may face increased morbidity and mortality, the data are conflicting. A 2022 systematic review by Smith and colleagues showed no increase in the risk for COVID-19 infection among patients with MS on DMT.

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