Fast Five Quiz: Narcissistic Personality Disorder Key Aspects

Stephen Soreff, MD


June 24, 2022

Long-term, consistent outpatient care is the approach of choice in the treatment of NPD. Specifically, psychoanalytic psychotherapy is a mainstay of treatment. Other therapeutic modalities used to treat the disorder include group, family, and couples therapy, as well as cognitive-behavioral therapy and short-term objective-focused psychotherapy.

In general, therapists should recognize that narcissism plays a self-preserving role in the patient's daily life; for this reason, they should be cautious about deconstructing narcissistic defenses too rapidly and work to help the patient gain a realistic comprehension of their own behavioral issues. A too-swift breaching of the self-inflated defenses can plunge the patient into clinical depression and lead to suicide.

As a rule, patients with NPD do best with shorter hospital stays; prolonged time in the hospital does little to change the underlying severity of the illness.

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This Fast Five Quiz was excerpted and adapted from the Medscape article Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

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