Fast Five Quiz: Sinus Conditions

Arlen D. Meyers, MD, MBA


October 24, 2022

The American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery RTF defines CRS as 12 weeks or more of two or more of these symptoms:

  • Nasal obstruction

  • Facial pain/pressure/fullness

  • Anterior or posterior mucopurulent drainage

  • Decreased sense of smell

In addition, inflammation must be documented by demonstrating one of these:

  • Imaging showing inflammation of the paranasal sinuses

  • Purulent mucus or edema in the middle meatus or ethmoid region

  • Polyps in the nasal cavity or middle meatus

This contrasts with recurrent acute sinusitis, which is present when four or more episodes per year of acute bacterial rhinosinusitis occur without signs and symptoms of rhinosinusitis between episodes.

Older definitions required two or more major factors (such as nasal obstruction and facial pain) or one major factor and two minor factors (such as fatigue, cough, and pressure) for the diagnosis of rhinosinusitis. The diagnostic criteria were later amended to require the above criteria for more than 12 weeks or more than 12 weeks of physical findings, plus confirmatory nasal endoscopic or radiographic or physical examination findings of inflammation. This could include discolored nasal drainage from the nasal passages identified on physical examination with anterior rhinoscopy after decongestion.

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