Fast Five Quiz: Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare -- The Data So Far

Stephen Soreff, MD


November 16, 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to improve healthcare at each point of delivery. AI applications and machine learning can accelerate scientific discovery, with more than 200 algorithms approved by the US Food and Drug Administration thus far. AI applications also help clinicians to monitor data such as vital signs and quickly alert teams about anomalies. These systems also manage clinical workflows and nursing reports with keywords and links, making the process much simpler for providers and users. Some of the earliest uses of AI in healthcare were in devices and diagnostics, including areas such as pathology, radiology, and patient monitoring, and now more interactive, patient-facing uses are possible. The World Health Organization has created guidance for AI in healthcare, but little other professional guidance is available.

Are you aware of where the current data stand on AI in healthcare, and how this might affect your patients? Test yourself with a brief quiz.


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