Rapid Rx Quiz: Blood Thinners

Mary L. Windle, PharmD


March 01, 2023

Blood thinners are lifesaving drugs with benefits that often outweigh the known and significant risks. Several classes of anticoagulant agents are currently in use. These include heparinoids (eg, heparin), vitamin K antagonists (eg, warfarin), platelet inhibitors (eg, aspirin), direct thrombin inhibitors (eg, dabigatran) direct factor Xa inhibitors (eg, apixaban, edoxaban, rivaroxaban), and indirect factor Xa inhibitors (eg, fondaparinux).

Because treatment decisions need to be individualized on the basis of drug interactions, patient-specific drug selection, and patient values, knowing key clinical concerns is essential. Is your knowledge on blood thinners current, including indications, adverse effects, and contraindications? Test yourself with this short quiz.


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