Fast Five Quiz: Genital Warts

William James, MD


April 19, 2023

Liquid nitrogen cryosurgery ablation is considered safe during pregnancy. It is also inexpensive and usually does not cause much scarring. It does demand cryosurgical training and equipment and may require anesthesia and multiple treatments.

The American Urological Association does not recommend treating HPV infection without visible lesions. However, a patient (even a pregnant patient) with visible genital lesions that are bothersome should be treated. Although warts generally regress spontaneously within months or years, it is recommended that practitioners remove genital or laryngeal warts because of the possibility of malignant transformation and spread of infection either through sexual intercourse or self-inoculation. Topical podophyllotoxin and sinecatechin preparations for genital warts should not be used in pregnancy.

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This Fast Five Quiz was excerpted and adapted from the Medscape articles Genital Warts and Cryotherapy.

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