Fast Five Quiz: Recurrent/Metastatic Cervical Cancer

Sarah Ackroyd, MD, MPH


May 31, 2023

Imaging with a PET/CT, including the neck, chest, abdomen, and groin, is recommended upon suspicion of a disease recurrence. A pelvic MRI may also be considered as the first imaging when abdominal or pelvic disease is suspected, as this imaging modality is able to define soft tissue differences; however, a PET/CT will give additional information on possible distant spread of disease that may need to be treated. Ultrasound imaging may not provide detailed tissue examination that is required to identify tumor recurrence and is not recommended.

In addition, a biopsy should be performed as confirmation of recurrence prior to initiation of treatment planning. A biopsy would be recommended if identified at the time of clinical examination and highly suspicious for cancer recurrence, for instance a visible lesion in the vagina. However, imaging would still be recommended at the time of suspected recurrence to help identify the extent of the disease.

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