A 39-Year-Old Man With Diarrhea, Weight Loss, and Mood Shifts

Heidi Moawad, MD


May 22, 2023

Physical Examination and Workup

On physical examination, the patient is at a normal weight for his height. His weight has remained stable since his most recent medical checkup, which occurred 1 year earlier. His vital signs are normal, with a pulse of 68 beats/min, a blood pressure of 125/75 mm Hg, and a respiration rate of 13 breaths/min. He is afebrile.

The results of a complete physical examination are normal. He does not have abdominal distention or tenderness, and his skin appears normal.

His complete blood cell count, electrolyte levels, cholesterol panel, and liver function tests are normal. A CT scan of the abdomen is normal. (Figure 1 shows a normal abdominal CT scan in another patient.) Toxicology screening is negative for barbiturates and opioids.

Figure 1.


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