Fast Five Quiz: Belching and Bloating

Sarah El-Nakeep, MD


May 24, 2023

One cause of belching and bloating is ingesting air, such as by consuming carbonated drinks. However, repetitive air swallowing, which may be caused by a range of habits including sipping beverages, is also common. Some patients find that they belch and bloat more often under anxiety or stress because they swallow more air or eat too rapidly. Sucking on hard candies, chewing gum, and smoking can also contribute to air swallowing and result in belching and bloating.

Assuming that a patient has no breathing abnormalities, high-impact exercise does not cause air swallowing and the resulting belching and bloating it can cause. No connection is reported between sleep timing and belching or bloating. Probiotics do not typically contribute to intestinal gas and may help relieve it.

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