Rapid Review Quiz: Continuous Glucose Monitoring Devices

Romesh Khardori, MD, PhD


May 31, 2023

A recent, randomized crossover trial compared the relative efficacy in the reduction of time below range of an intervention consisting of an isCGM device paired with structured education vs SMBG. The trial included 104 adults with type 1 diabetes using injections multiple times per day. Participants were randomly assigned to either the isCGM or the SMBG group. During the 84-day intervention period, participants used the FreeStyle Libre and received structured education on hypoglycemia prevention related to the device. The tandem 84-day control period included confirmatory SMBG conducted before insulin was dosed. Time below range, the primary endpoint, was significantly reduced in the intervention arm compared with the control arm, and the intervention arm also saw its ratio of high-risk participants with low blood glucose index > 5 significantly reduced. The researchers concluded that the use of isCGM combined with structured education significantly reduced time below range.

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