Fast Five Quiz: Hyperhidrosis

William James, MD


July 05, 2023

Hyperhidrosis (HH), a disorder of excessive sweating, is characterized by sweating beyond what is needed for temperature regulation and maintenance of homeostasis. HH may be idiopathic or secondary to other diseases, metabolic disorders, febrile illnesses, or medication use. Studies have shown that the prevalence of this disorder is about 2.8% in the United States and at least 176 million people globally, and it is probably underreported and underdiagnosed. HH can impair psychological and social function and often causes great emotional distress and occupational disability for the patient.

Do you know the best practices in diagnosing and treating HH, including medications known to cause it and whether botulinum toxin injections are worth it? Test yourself with this short quiz.


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