Fast Five Quiz: IgA Nephropathy Presentation and Diagnosis

A. Brent Alper, Jr, MD, MPH


September 18, 2023

It is imperative to test urine sediment for RBCs and RBC casts, as their presence indicates glomerular injury. This is an integral finding in the workup of IgA nephropathy.

Nearly 50% of patients with IgA nephropathy have elevated serum IgA levels. Nevertheless, this finding is nonspecific, not sensitive and provides no clinical value.

Proteinuria testing should be accomplished by a 24-hour measurement of urinary protein or by measuring the urine protein/creatinine ratio (< ~0.1 = a normal ratio).

Glomerular filtration rate (along with serum creatinine) is done to assess renal function, which is an important factor in determining disease severity and treatment options.

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