Clinical toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.)

(ISSN: 1556-3650, 1556-9519)

Table of Contents

2019 - 57 (9)

  • Highly potent fentanyl analogs: apnea from exposure to small quantities of ß-hydroxyfentanyl and furanylfentanyl. 
  • Analysis of blood lead levels of young children in Flint, Michigan before and during the 18-month switch to Flint River water. 
  • Inadvertent ocular exposures secondary to e-liquid misuse. 
  • Potential uses of naltrexone in emergency department patients with opioid use disorder. 
  • Massive eucalyptus oil overdose leading to prolonged coma. 
  • Delayed resolution of amitriptyline toxicity secondary to CYP2D6 deficiency. 
  • New synthetic opioid cyclopropylfentanyl together with other novel synthetic opioids in respiratory insufficient comatose patients detected by toxicological analysis. 
  • MAGAM II - prospective observational multicentre poisons centres study on eye exposures caused by cleaning products. 
  • The utility of droperidol in the treatment of cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. 
  • Chronological serum concentration of imazapyr in a case of life threatening intoxication. 
  • Comparative effectiveness of methylene blue versus intravenous lipid emulsion in a rodent model of amlodipine toxicity. 
  • Comparing clinical outcomes between two scorpion antivenom dosing strategies in children. 
  • The impact of the introduction of a toxicology service on the intensive care unit. 
  • Status epilepticus after C-4 ingestion: using liquid chromatography to quantify toxicity. 
  • Low accuracy of microscopic hematuria in detecting coagulopathy from Bothrops pit viper bites, Brazilian Amazon. 
  • Temporal and geospatial trends of adolescent intentional overdoses with suspected suicidal intent reported to a state poison control center. 

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