Clinical toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.)

(ISSN: 1556-3650, 1556-9519)

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2019 - 57 (8)

  • The kiss of (cell) death: can venom-induced immune response contribute to dermal necrosis following arthropod envenomations? 
  • Retrospective evaluation of repeated supratherapeutic ingestion (RSTI) of paracetamol †. 
  • What is the most appropriate dose of N-acetylcysteine after massive acetaminophen overdose? 
  • Antivenom effect on lymphatic absorption and pharmacokinetics of coral snake venom using a large animal model. 
  • An open-label randomized trial of intramuscular olanzapine versus oral clonidine for symptomatic treatment of opioid withdrawal in the emergency department. 
  • Clinical consequences related to a defective elimination of clobazam caused by homozygous mutated CYP2C19 allele. 
  • Clinical outcome of paraquat poisoning during pregnancy. 
  • Multiple organ failure and shock following acute alpha lipoic acid (ALA) intoxication. 
  • Seizures in tramadol overdoses reported in the ToxIC registry: predisposing factors and the role of naloxone. 
  • An accidental exposure to dimethyl sulfate. 
  • Comments on Chhabria et al. "Lipid emulsion for acute organophosphate insecticide poisoning". 
  • Epidemiology, clinical features and management of patients presenting to European emergency departments with acute cocaine toxicity: comparison between powder cocaine and crack cocaine cases. 

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