Journal of behavior therapy and experimental psychiatry

(ISSN: 0005-7916, 1873-7943)

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From Journal of behavior therapy and experimental psychiatry

2020 - 68

  • Decision-making about intrusive thoughts: Relationships to attitudes towards them. 
  • Coping with social wounds: How social pain and social anxiety influence access to social rewards. 
  • Negative item memory and associative memory: Influences of working memory capacity, anxiety sensitivity, and looming cognition. 
  • A pilot study augmenting cognitive behavioral therapy for panic disorder with attention bias modification: Clinical and psychophysiological outcomes. 
  • Remembering happy times instead of sticking to negative memories after social exclusion. 
  • Modulating disgust in mental contamination: Experimental evidence for the role of disgust. 
  • Side effects of induced lateral eye movements during aversive ideation. 
  • Context matters: The role of subjective arousal during Attentional Bias Modification targeting socially anxious students. 
  • Medically unexplained symptoms in children and adolescents: Illness-related self-concept and parental symptom evaluations. 
  • Effects of the video game 'Mindlight' on anxiety of children with an autism spectrum disorder: A randomized controlled trial. 
  • The association between current maternal psychological control, anxiety symptoms, and emotional regulatory processes in emerging adults. 
  • Remembering the past to live better in the future: A feasibility randomised controlled trial of memory specificity training for motivation in psychosis. 
  • Jumping to conclusions in the less-delusion-prone? Preliminary evidence from a more reliable beads task. 
  • Effects of cognitive load during interpretation bias modification on interpretation bias and stress reactivity. 
  • A personalized approach-avoidance modification intervention to reduce negative body image. A placebo-controlled pilot study. 
  • Effect of an upright (vs. stooped) posture on interpretation bias, imagery, and emotions. 
  • Moderators of treatment efficacy in individualized metacognitive training for psychosis (MCT+). 
  • D-cycloserine as adjunct to brief computerised CBT for spider fear: Effects on fear, behaviour, and cognitive biases. 
  • Affect variability and emotional reactivity in generalized anxiety disorder. 
  • Nightmare distress revisited: Cognitive appraisal of nightmares according to Lazarus' transactional model of stress. 
  • Gazing rituals in body dysmorphic disorder. 
  • Disgust regulation between menstrual cycle phases: Differential effects of emotional suppression and reappraisal. 
  • Reappraisal is an effective emotion regulation strategy in children with Tourette syndrome and ADHD. 
  • The influence of ruminative processing mode on the trajectory of intrusive memories following a negative mood induction. 
  • Temporal trends in attention disengagement from social threat as a function of social anxiety. 
  • Prospective intolerance of uncertainty is associated with maladaptive temporal distribution of avoidance responses: An extension of Flores, López, Vervliet, and Cobos (2018). 
  • Attentional bias modification with a new paradigm: The effect of the Detection Engagement and Savoring Positivity (DESP) task on eye-tracking of attention. 
  • Disrupted joint action accounts for reduced likability of socially anxious individuals. 
  • Investigating the therapeutic potential of cognitive bias modification for high anxiety sensitivity. 
  • Establishing the dose of memory support to improve patient memory for treatment and treatment outcome. 

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