Journal of behavior therapy and experimental psychiatry

(ISSN: 0005-7916, 1873-7943)

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From Journal of behavior therapy and experimental psychiatry

2020 - 66

  • Costly avoidance in anxious individuals: Elevated threat avoidance in anxious individuals under high, but not low competing rewards. 
  • Time intensive cognitive behavioural therapy for a specific phobia of vomiting: A single case experimental design. 
  • Avoidance of all feedback? Attention allocation during and after public speech in social anxiety. 
  • Effects of processing positive memories on posttrauma mental health: A preliminary study in a non-clinical student sample. 
  • Short-term affective consequences of specificity of rumination about unresolved personal goals. 
  • Social anxiety and the interpretation of morphed facial expressions following exclusion and inclusion. 
  • Effects of awareness material featuring individuals with experience of depression and suicidal thoughts on an audience with depressive symptoms: Randomized controlled trial. 
  • A randomised controlled trial of computerised interpretation bias modification for health anxiety. 
  • Combining oxytocin and cognitive bias modification training in a randomized controlled trial: Effects on trust in maternal support. 
  • Implicitly measured aggressiveness self-concepts in women with borderline personality disorder as assessed by an Implicit Association Test. 
  • The effects of retrieval versus rehearsal of online problem-solving therapy sessions on recall, problem-solving skills and distress in distressed individuals: An experimental study. 
  • Does approaching puppies and avoiding a dead cat improve the effectiveness of approach-avoidance training for changing the evaluation of feared stimuli? 

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