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From JAMA : the journal of the American Medical Association

2018 -

  • Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Toxicity in 2018. 
  • Implications of Zero Suicide for Suicide Prevention Research. 
  • Companies Tout Psychiatric Pharmacogenomic Testing, But Is It Ready for a Store Near You? 
  • Eliminating Poverty in the 21st Century: The Role of Health and Human Capital. 
  • The "Public Charge" Proposal and Public Health: Implications for Patients and Clinicians. 
  • Association Between the Experimental Kickoff Rule and Concussion Rates in Ivy League Football. 
  • Vulnerability to Pandemic Flu Could Be Greater Today Than a Century Ago. 
  • Incomplete Information in Flow Diagram. 
  • Expanding the Time We Have With Patients Through Poetry. 
  • Teaching Physicians Not to Be Afraid of Poetry. 
  • Historical Aspects of Race and Medicine: The Case of J. Marion Sims. 
  • Race, Ancestry, and Medical Research. 
  • Examining How Race, Ethnicity, and Ancestry Data Are Used in Biomedical Research. 
  • Race, Ancestry, and Reporting in Medical Journals. 
  • Antibiotics for Sepsis-Finding the Equilibrium. 
  • Coagulation Test Interpretation in a Patient Taking Direct Oral Anticoagulant Therapy. 
  • Hearing Care Access?: Focus on Clinical Services, Not Devices. 
  • Gadolinium Retention After Contrast-Enhanced MRI. 
  • Corrected Data for Survey Results in Viewpoint. 
  • Substantial Shifts in Supreme Court Health Law Jurisprudence. 
  • Campaign Contributions From Political Action Committees to Members of Congressional Committees Responding to the Opioid Crisis. 
  • Million Hearts 2022: Small Steps Are Needed for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention. 
  • Use of Death Counts From Vital Statistics to Calculate Excess Deaths in Puerto Rico Following Hurricane Maria. 
  • Notice of Retraction: Wansink B, Cheney MM. Super Bowls: Serving Bowl Size and Food Consumption. JAMA. 2005;293(14):1727-1728. 

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