Journal of emergency nursing

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2019 -

  • Can Sudden Cardiac Death Risk in the Young be Identified in the Emergency Department? 
  • Workplace Violence Against Emergency Nurses in Taiwan: A Cross-Sectional Study. 
  • Personalized Care Plans: Are They Effective in Decreasing ED Visits and Health Care Expenditure Among Adult Super-Utilizers? 
  • One Stop: Examining the Reasons Patients Use the Emergency Department for Nonurgent Care and the Barriers They Face. 
  • Development and Validation of the Ambulance Nurse Competence Scale. 
  • The Deadly Trio: Heroin, FentaNYL, and Carfentanil. 
  • An Interdisciplinary Code Sepsis Team to Improve Sepsis-Bundle Compliance: A Quality Improvement Project. 
  • Experiences of Care in the Emergency Department Among a Sample of Homeless Male Veterans: A Qualitative Study. 
  • Code Critical: Improving Care Delivery for Critically Ill Patients in the Emergency Department. 
  • Complexities of Identifying Posterior Cerebral Artery Cerebrovascular Stroke. 
  • Esophageal Perforation After Cervical Spine Fusion Presenting With Dysphagia and a Burning Sensation. 
  • A 55-Year-Old Man With Cold Agglutinin Disease. 

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