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2019 -

  • Neural-Tube Defects and Antiretroviral Treatment Regimens in Botswana. 
  • Dolutegravir Use at Conception - Additional Surveillance Data from Botswana. 
  • Phenotype in an Infant with SOD1 Homozygous Truncating Mutation. 
  • Early Effects of an Accountable Care Organization Model for Underserved Areas. 
  • A Most Reckless Proposal - A Plan to Continue Asbestos Use in the United States. 
  • A Multicenter Trial of Vena Cava Filters in Severely Injured Patients. 
  • Time to Reevaluate U.S. Mifepristone Restrictions. 
  • Medicaid Work Requirements - Results from the First Year in Arkansas. 
  • Abortion Rights in Peril - What Clinicians Need to Know. 
  • Sustainable Discovery and Development of Antibiotics - Is a Nonprofit Approach the Future? 
  • A Phase 3 Randomized Trial of Voxelotor in Sickle Cell Disease. 
  • A Targeted Agent for Sickle Cell Disease - Changing the Protein but Not the Gene. 
  • The Opportunity of CBD - Reforming the Law. 
  • Oral Semaglutide and Cardiovascular Outcomes in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes. 
  • An Anti-CD3 Antibody, Teplizumab, in Relatives at Risk for Type 1 Diabetes. 
  • Traveling down the Long Road to Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Prevention. 
  • Vitamin D Supplementation and Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes. 
  • Five-Year Outcomes with Dabrafenib plus Trametinib in Metastatic Melanoma. 
  • Overall Survival with Ribociclib plus Endocrine Therapy in Breast Cancer. 
  • Maintenance Olaparib for Germline BRCA-Mutated Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer. 
  • Gemcitabine and Cisplatin Induction Chemotherapy in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma. 
  • The Ongoing Ebola Epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo, 2018-2019. 
  • Benralizumab for the Prevention of COPD Exacerbations. 
  • Eculizumab in Aquaporin-4-Positive Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder. 
  • Liraglutide in Children and Adolescents with Type 2 Diabetes. 

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